Shipping container architecture is a type of architecture process in which the architect uses steel shipping containers in designing a house. Containers are then welded by a welder according to the design of the house such as putting windows and doors in for passage or entrance and ventilation for air. Putting windows and doors adds beauty to the house especially when you choose the right combinations of colors for the walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors. 

Creating a house such as concrete or wooden houses can be expensive because of the materials to be used when constructing a house. But then, having a concrete or wooden house is nice though. But if you choose to build your house at an affordable price or if you are on a tight budget, then container houses could be a choice for you. It is because houses that are made with shipping containers are very affordable and it does not need big areas for the installation.  

There are companies that offer services such as constructing houses that are made with shipping containers. They also offer prospect designs for you to choose from. Or if not, you can also customize the design of the house that you want. One of the companies that offer this type of service is the North Hollywood Kubed Living. They have designs of shipping container houses that you could choose depending on the type of house you want to build with.  

If you are thinking of building a container house, you must first seek a designer. Hiring a professional container home designer is important. It is because they know better when it comes to placing the doors in the right direction, knowing the right numbers and sizes of windows to be put and also, the colors to be painted in the house to make it beautiful. 


So what are the reasons why hiring a professional container home designer is important? Here are the reasons why. 

  • They have the expertise in designing. Hiring a designer can give you the best designs for the house that you wanted to build with. They know better on what are the right positions of the bedrooms, living areas, dining areas, and the bath and toilet rooms.  


  • They know the right measures and dimensions. Designers know the best dimensions and measurements of the particulars of the house. Just like on how tall the door should be and on how wide the windows or spaces of rooms should be.  


  • They know how to combine the right colors for the house. Combining colors can be a talent of a person. The reason is that not all of us are gifted with sight in combining colors that are suitable to look at depending on the type of ambiance your place has. 


  • They know what materials to be used. Designers know best on what materials should be used for the walls, ceilings, roof and other materials that are best for your home. Also, they know what materials you can use to have a cheaper price instead of spending too much.