There are many ways to take care of your house and one of which is to maintain your windows. Most homeowners think that windows can just be neglected when it comes to monthly maintenance as there are more important parts of the house that need improvement. But the truth is, your windows are a significant element both to your interior and exterior.

Of course, sometimes we include this in our leaning session but have you noticed there are still some spots that are covered with difficult dirt and dust. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to maintain your windows and them clean for better appearance, that provide results as better as what provides.

1.Do not use warm water

When you are cleaning your windows, opt for cold water to combine with your cleaning solutions as warm water can just evaporate quickly, leaving some ugly looking streaks. So, use cold water whether for rinsing or for cleaning solution mixing.

2. Avoid the sun’s heat and light

When you want to clean your windows without leaving some ugly streaks of water and cleaning solutions, avoid cleaning them when the sun is lit. This is because similar to using warm water, the water, and the cleaning solution you use can just easily evaporate, leaving some ugly marks. You can for days where it is cloudy, where the sun’s light is not visible.

3.Be careful with the cloth that you use

It is important to be cognizant of the materials and tools that you use. It is inappropriate to use paper towels and old clothes as thy leave some debris and lint to your windows, making it look unclean. Instead, use cloths that are microfiber that does not leave anything behind – streak-free. When you ran out of fine cloths, you can use coffee filters and newspapers as substitutes.

4.Clean first your sills and protect them

Before you decide to do a full blast cleaning session with your windows, it helps that you brush and vacuum your window sills as some debris and dust can accumulate there. After cleaning them, put on a towel to protect them from water drips.

5. Use a squeegee

This tool is very easy and convenient to use especially when you have large bay windows and you want them to look pristine. All you need to do is to wipe down your window with this tool after putting on some soap first on it. After drying, you will see the beautiful result.

6.Use steel wool or razor bleeds for difficult stains

Before anything else, it is important to take precautions when using these materials as they can be a bit sharp to use for cleaning tasks. You may be surprised that these materials can be effectively used for removing stains that are difficult. But again, be careful in using such.

Final thoughts

Your window is an important element for your house’s overall aesthetics and curbs appeal and it is also fitting to have a good and well-managed cleaning and maintenance of them. Fortunately, if you want to have efficient and convenient service, windows cleaning services are always available for you.