Not all concrete contractors are the same. In addition to that, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all method for installing or fixing a driveway. A professional concrete contractor should know that offering high-quality work means they’ve got to completely understand your project.

It is wise to guarantee that the company is dedicated to high-quality client service when looking for residential or commercial concrete contractors. If you’re looking for a professional contractor for your Concrete Albany driveway project, here are a couple of questions to ask:

Do You Require a Permit for Your Project?

A professional and experienced concrete contractor will be familiar with the process of getting a permit. Knowledge of permits is needed for your project. This will help generate the quality of work you would expect. A concrete contractor probably lacks the required experience if he cannot answer your questions regarding permits.

What’s the Timeline of Your Project?

Asking this question will help you check the experience of a company and compare it to others. A contractor needs to have an excellent idea as to how long a project like yours will take. For instance, a residential concrete driveway should not take more than 4 days. On the other hand, more extensive projects, such as concrete walls, commercial sidewalks, and much more can take a lot of time. It is probably an excellent move to look for another one if that contractor’s estimates are far different from others.

What’s Their Current Schedule?

Knowing the current schedule of the contractor allows you to check whether they can meet your deadline. You really need this detail if you require a fast turnaround. Also, you should consider that the contractor will have a tight schedule and have to schedule your project in advance if the contractor is well-known for quality work.

Ask for References

There might be occasions when the contractor does not have photos of their past work available right away. Still, you can continue the meeting. You should ask the contractor for references. Aside from that, by calling past customers, you can get more details. Aside from enabling you to get first-hand details from other clients, it also enables the contractor to share their experience in having a list of happy customers.

Ask for Their Portfolio

Checking examples of the previous work of a contractor will help you judge their experience and quality. You need to move on if the contractor evades the question or refuse to show you a portfolio. A reliable contractor will refer you to their digital portfolio. If they don’t have one, they will usually meet you in person and offer you a folder filled with pictures of their past work.

What Type of Experience Do They Have?

Ask about their years of experience. You can begin by narrowing down your options by reading reviews. You will not completely know whether they are fit for your project unless you interview a possible contractor. You should also look for a concrete contractor that specializes in your project, such as a concrete driveway installation.